Feature  Rich CMMS

Asset Management

Manage your assets more effectively using SOMAX CMMS and the SOMAX mobile app for Android and iOS.

Asset Management
Asset Management

IoT Integration

The SOMAX Internet of Things integration allows for real-time tracking of critical asset information using sensors and our custom api's. Track temperature, vibration, humidity and more so you always have total knowledge of your asset condition.

Mobile Asset Management

Access asset information anywhere, anytime. Track assets, check asset status, and view images and attachments from any mobile device. See all critical asset information and ensure your team always has the information you need.

Images & Attachments

Load all your critical documents into SOMAX directly from your assets screen. Maintain diagrams, reports, manufacturer information and more with immediate access at any time.

Rapid Setup

By using SOMAX mobile apps, setting up your CMMS or adding new assets is a snap. Take a picture of the asset, scan any QR code, add your information, and you're done, all straight from your phone or tablet.

Asset Profile

Create an extensive asset profile and track all work performed, failure reasons, parts used, cost and downtime for any asset in your facility.

Asset Location

Know exactly where all your assets are located. Help field service crews determine asset location and ensure you can always reach your most important assets quickly.

Work Order Information

Quickly determine what work has been performed on your assets. See all scheduled work including upcoming maintenance and work that has been completed.

Downtime Tracking

When was your asset last broken? How long did it take to fix? With SOMAX you know the answers to these important questions and can access the information directly from your asset screen.

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Work Management

Manage work orders, scheduled maintenance, tasks, breakdown records and more in SOMAX CMMS and the SOMAX mobile app.

Work Management
Work Management

Notifications & Alerts

Receive notifications when work is needed, scheduled, approved and completed all in the SOMAX app. Receive custom notifications based on specific work criteria to more effectively manage important work.

IoT Integration

Receive alerts and notifications straight from your smart assets using the SOMAX Internet of Things integration. Set thresholds and have SOMAX automatically create work requests or work orders when sensor readings fall outside of your parameters.

Images and Attachments

Use images to identify necessary work. Images taken from the SOMAX app track through the work order process and any attachments can be immediately accessed on your mobile device so you're important work order information is always at your fingertips.

Mobile Work Order Completion

No more wasting time sitting at a desk to close out work orders for you and your team. Access and complete work orders in the SOMAX app. Turn hours into seconds with real-time completion, and ensure your work is always completed and documented correctly.

Mobile Work Requests

Production personnel, residents and non-maintenance staff can quickly and easily add work requests using the SOMAX mobile app for Android and iOS. Simply snap a picture and give a description of the problem and the work order will automatically be placed into the system for approval.

Labor Scheduling

SOMAX provides an easy to use labor scheduling module for planning and scheduling work orders quickly and efficiently. The drag and drop interface allows for the rapid creation of schedules for planned maintenance.

The Right Tool

Learn more about how SOMAX can help you streamline your maintenance operations and make your life a whole lot easier.

Inventory Management

Track your parts usage, check out parts and order parts you need using SOMAX and the SOMAX mobile app.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Notifications & Alerts

Receive notifications when parts have been ordered, have dropped below minimum on hand quantities and need to be ordered, or have been received in. Always have your parts room available on your mobile device.

Multi-Site Storeroom Access

Check for parts, request parts, and get part quantities across your entire organization. Set security to allow for multi-site visibility or restrict access to a single site. Site specific inventory includes valuation methods, safety stock policies, preferred suppliers and more.

Images and Attachments

Use images to quickly identify parts. Take part images straight from the SOMAX mobile app. Any attachments can be immediately accessed on your mobile device so you're important part information is always at your fingertips.

Mobile Part Add

Quickly add parts in SOMAX using the part add feature of our mobile app. Simply snap a picture, add part information, quantity and cost. No more dragging parts back and forth to your desk our filling out spreadsheet and part add forms. With SOMAX, adding parts is easy.

Locate Parts Quickly

When you're looking for a part, no one wants to go to their desk or a parts terminal to find the part location. Location information is immediately acessible with the SOMAX mobile app. Find your parts on the go to help keep your facility running at peak performance.

Mobile Part Checkout

Check out parts on the go. No need to stand at a terminal or go to your desk to checkout parts. With the SOMAX mobile app, checking out parts to work orders makes getting the parts you need, and keeping your inventory up to date, easy.