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Work Management

SOMAX Work Management provides full visibility into every step of the process and empowers users to efficiently manage all repair and maintenance work.

Work Requests

Streamline the process by empowering personnel to submit requests and view request history on the move via web and mobile apps. And rest assured that the work request history is accurate and reliable, as work requests are not deletable by anyone - the verification and audit trail is permanent. SOMAX makes it easy to:

  • Add work requests by simply taking a photo and entering a description
  • Approve and schedule multiple work request via a user-friendly approval workbench
  • Get real-time notifications on status changes


Work Orders


The difference between a mediocre and an excellent maintenance management program is in the details. With SOMAX, you can efficiently schedule work and prevent SMALL issues from becoming LARGER, more expensive problems. SOMAX software is designed to make it easy to capture and reference important information, such as:

  • Labor and Material Estimates
  • Date, time and user stamps noting when work orders are created and updated
  • The ability to assign a work order to multiple technicians
  • Failure codes to assist in tracking and defining failures



Time is a valuable resource, and ensuring your technicians’ time is used efficiently is an important part of an effective maintenance program. SOMAX software offers an intuitive way to view and schedule labor, including the ability to:

  • Approve and schedule multiple work orders
  • Determine priority and estimate labor
  • See upcoming assignments by day, week, month or employee
  • Auto calculate assigned days for scheduled labor




Empowering technicians with the right information at their fingertips means they can work smarter and faster. SOMAX users can access important information on the mobile app from anywhere. This means they can spend more time fixing problems, rather than wasting time managing paperwork, looking for inventory items and other busy work. The SOMAX mobile app allows users to:

  • Add unplanned work orders when and where the work happens
  • Add pictures of the problem, add redline and point out issues
  • Scan the equipment using QR Code technology to reduce errors and track time
  • Complete tasks within Work Orders in real time


These features make it easy to work smarter


Attach PDF, MS Word, or Excel documents to any work order.


QR Scanner
Users can access the most up-to-date information about  assets from anywhere with their mobile device.


Get notified exactly when necessary. Receive alerts in-app and through email and push notifications.


Audit Trails
Track changes to data, comments, and disposition of work orders.


Quick-View Reports
View insights already available or create new metrics against any set of work orders.


Unlimited Work Requests
SOMAX software can even be embedded into your company’s intranet, allowing personnel to submit requests through a customized web form.


It's never been easier to work smarter

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