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Food & Beverage

Asset management and monitoring
designed for food and beverage production

Specifically designed to meet the needs of food processing manufacturers, SOMAX is the only Food & Beverage software system on the market to fully integrate maintenance and sanitation management systems.



Fully Integrate Maintenance and Sanitation

It’s easy to combine maintenance and sanitation with the SOMAX solution, complete with:

  • Maintenance and sanitation history stored in one system
  • Coordinated maintenance and sanitation schedules
  • Instant communication between maintenance and sanitation groups

Reliable Food Safety Checks

Food safety checks are built into maintenance and sanitation processes, including:

  • Mandatory food safety checks on all maintenance work orders and sanitation jobs
  • Digital signatures required on all work 
  • Documentation of who completed the work and who verified food safety standards were met

Easy Validation and Verification

It’s easy to verify and validate maintenance and sanitation performed at your plant with:

  • QC and QA notifications when maintenance is performed
  • QC and QA notifications when sanitation is complete
  • Pass/Fail verifications for all work orders and sanitation jobs

Easy Audit Compliance

Meet critical FDA requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 validations with SOMAX secure electronic records and signatures, including the ability to: 

  • Pull necessary audit compliance reports from one system
  • Complete audit trail for all documentation
  • Get comprehensive food safety compliance tracking from the time a problem is discovered through the maintenance repair process

Enterprise Ready

Ensure all plants are maintained to the same standard with: 

  • Consistent maintenance standards for all assets, established by designated  Equipment Masters
  • Shared procedure libraries
  • Global reporting
  • Shared parts inventory information for all plants in the enterprise


It's never been easier to work smarter

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