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Asset monitoring and management
designed for the manufacturing industry 

The best tool for short maintenance windows, fast turnarounds, limited resources and constantly changing production schedules, SOMAX empowers you to better plan, schedule and document daily maintenance activities.

Manufacturing CMMS Features


Native Mobile Apps

Use your phone or tablet anywhere in your most important buildings to get an accurate account of work time for unplanned work and emergencies. Use camera directly from your smartphone or tablet to take a picture of an issue and automatically attach it to a work order.

IoT Integration

Integrate SOMAX with equipment sensors to create a truly predictive maintenance program. Use high-low thresholds for gauges or cycle count limits for meters to automatically create work requests and orders. Leverage our Internet of Things integration for real-time, system generated alerts and notifications.



Multi-site, multi-location system easily scales to any size organization no matter how many facilities. Search for and gather information on assets, parts and work across all the sites in your organization. From one site to thousands, SOMAX CMMS can handle it.


Downtime Tracking

Track and eliminate costly breakdowns. Collect information about downtime reasons, time down, work performed and notes about downtime, all within either our web or mobile app.


Barcode Scanning

Take advantage of bar-coding simplicity and scan bar-coded equipment in the plant straight from your smartphone or tablet. Full equipment history can be pulled from bar-code scan. Check out parts to work orders using phone or tablet bar-code scanner for ease and mobility.


Inventory & Procurement

SOMAX includes a full inventory tracking and procurement system. Vendor control for streamlined purchasing, project management, and contract labor. Ensure your parts room is always stocked, and track part usage in our web or mobile app.

Get Connected to the Plant Floor

Always stay connected to the plant floor through:

  • Integration with production planning and scheduling
  • Real time asset monitoring
  • Instant alerts and notifications of issues
  • The mobile app, which makes it easy for operators to report problems
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Get Connected to the Outside World

Stay connected to key vendors and other support systems vital to your plant’s operation with:

  • Integration with corporate procurement systems
  • Punchout catalogs to major suppliers 
  • Connectivity to OEM and Equipment Manufacturers

Get Verification and Validation

Verify and validate maintenance performed with:

  • Notifications of completed work
  • Digital sign-off of work performed
  • Supervisor sign off and approval of work
  • Audit trails and compliance

Enterprise Ready

Ensure everything is maintained to the same standard by creating and enforcing standards across your all of your sites, including:

  • Designated equipment masters who establish maintenance standards for all assets
  • Shared procedure libraries for on demand and preventive maintenance work
  • Global reporting
  • Shared parts inventory information for all plants in the enterprise

How-To Resources

We basically documented everything, so you can easily build new templates and sections.


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