Our Services

We’re dedicated to guiding you through the entire SOMAX deployment process. From your initial site evaluation, to system implementation, support, and beyond, our team will be available to handle your questions. Take advantage of our service offerings, and ensure you get the most out of your SOMAX solution.


We've tried to make our product so easy to use that anyone can get their SOMAX CMMS up and running quickly but if your team needs some training we've got options for you. On-site training is available, as well as online training for groups and individuals.


Helpdesk support for all of our clients includes a knowledge base full of walkthroughs, guides and how-to videos. For extra support or issues, we offer support ticketing and email communication to ensure you're always running at top speed.


Want us to set up your SOMAX system? Our implementation team is full of industry experts with years of experience in maintenance and maintenance systems and are ready to set up your system to make sure you're making an impact right from day one.


SOMAX is changing the game for enterprise asset management deployments. Gone are the elongated implementations and endless upgrade cycles experienced by customers of traditional on-premise CMMS vendors. With SOMAX, you don’t need to purchase additional hardware and servers, install and tune database software, or physically install the application software.

By leveraging the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, we offer solutions that are less complex, more cost-effective, and much simpler and faster to deploy. Schedule a live demo today to learn why SOMAX is the tool you need to create a world-class maintenance department.